Wenzhou Essen Security Technology Co., Ltd. (ENSEET), formerly known as Wenzhou Security Co., Ltd. ,and established in 2009, after years of development,ENSEET definitely one of the best in welding helmet market and PPE market.The products are in accordance with the latest standards of CE, ANSI,CSA, AS/NZS,KCS,ISO90001,and are sold all over the world, with more than 100 cooperative enterprises.

Strong R &D Capabilities

ENSEET is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture & export of auto-darkening welding helmets, welding masks, welding tools, auto-darkening welding filters and welding protective equipment & accessories.ENSEET have R & D teams and laboratories in Germany and China.We are committed to provide a safer, more portable and more reliable solution to the welding job.

Price Advantages

We enjoy from highly trained production team and inspection team,as well as most advanced production line in the China,and we truly managed to lower our production cost.Therefore,we can offer you competitive price.

Excellent Service and Quality

We inspect every each of helmets and send you the finished pictures for your approval before shipment.ENSEET keep growing and developing but never forget from whom we owe success: You, our customers and partners, have encouraged us continuously expand our product range and provide more friendly services with your greatest trust and willingness for cooperation.We’re really believe our service could be of great value to you and your company.  

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