What is auto-darking welding helmets/welding masks?

1. The auto-darkening welding helmet adopts high-quality liquid crystal, optical coating and protective film of shields ultraviolet and infrared rays to protect welders from harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays and infrared rays,etc.

2. The liquid crystal light valve adopts a new technology that automatically changes the light controlled by light. The multi-layer liquid crystal and coated glass can effectively block ultraviolet and infrared rays, and allow visible light to pass through easily, thereby protecting the eyes of the welders, enabling the welder to clearly observe the welding object, reducing repeated welding, and improving efficiency.

3. The original design of the anti-interference switch avoids the invisible welding object due to the nearby complicated environment .

4. The original design of automatic transform technology used in controlling circuit make it possible for goggles to be able to change strong light to dark light . AS a result , it canprotect our eyes form being injured by sudden arc.1599273015(1)

Post time: Dec-05-2020
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