Welding Tip

Zero colour oxide free welds for manual welders Titanium, stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials need to be shielded with an inert gas while welding takes place, in order to protect the molten weld pool from combining with oxygen and nitrogen from the surrounding air. Without this protection, welds will oxidise and can form metallurgical defects that may cause weld joint failure. TIG (GTAW) and Plasma (PAW) welding torches are fitted with gas cups, through which inert gas flows and protects the molten weld metal around the arc, however as the weld torch travels further along the weld seam, the welded metal is still hot enough to oxidise as it is exposed to air. In most cases the oxidation has to be removed to reduce the risk of weld failure.01

Post time: Jun-06-2020
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