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  • Work Adjustment Notice

    Work Adjustment Notice

    Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, The government of Wenzhou province activates first-level public health emergency response. The WHO announced that it has constituted a public health emergency of international concern, and many foreign trade enterprises have been affected in p...
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  • PCB tailerra hornitzaile

    PCB tailerra hornitzaile

    In early March, according to Germany's proposal, also in order to lead the welding mask expand high-end overseas market better, the company's technology, quality, production and other departments organized a joint operation inspections of suppliers and exchange activitie...
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  • LCD tailerra hornitzaile

    LCD tailerra hornitzaile

    At the beginning of March, our company received an invitation from Germany. In order to promote the Chinese welding helmet to better expand the high-end overseas market, Germany invited the company's technology, quality, production and other departments to organize joint...
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  • Soldadura eta Segurtasun Konferentzian

    Soldadura eta Segurtasun Konferentzian

    According to the Office of Essen Germany sent a message of Commerce, December 20, Our Technical Director Mr Peter attended the international organization at the welding technology welding and safety seminars . Mr Peter published - a special report on safe welding protect...
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