EC-0200 Auto Darkening Welding Shield

Short Description:

Specially designed for the welder to protect the welder’s eyes, head and face, the filter effectively avoids the harmful radiation of UV and IR generated by the arc, eliminating the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia. Prevents the damage of the splash on the human face during work and prevents the occurrence of facial burns. Reduce the inhalation of harmful gases and dust into the body and prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosis.

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Viewing area:90*30mm,Low Amps TIG Rate: AC/DC, TIG>=15 amps

1. ADF Model: EF9030.

2. Frame Size : 108×50×6 mm.     

3. Viewing Area : 90×30 mm, Optical Class 1/2/1/2.

4. Range of UV/IR protection: Up to shade DIN 15 at all time.     

5. Light Shade : DIN 3. 

6. Dark Shade: DIN 9 or DIN 11.

7. Power on/off: Automatic. 

8. Switching Time (light to dark) :1/20000s.

9. Delay Time (dark to light):0.2-0.4s.

10. Sensitivity: Automatic.

11. Operating Temperature : -10°C ~+ 55°C.

12. Storage Temperature: -20°C ~+ 70°C.  

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